0210D: Pity Voting

The big INC rally over the weekend had a lot of folks talking about the need to deny power to such supposed block voting parties by voting other candidates. Cue the usual reminders to register to vote on order to make a difference.

I've gotten into arguments in the past about my stance that choosing not to vote is a valid political option. I get the usual responses about my responsibility to vote and how my doing so denies me the right to criticize the government and so on.

But looking at the current pool, do you seriously what to vote for anyone? Is your vote really valued when you vote based on who is more likely to win. with respect to the public eye. Or should we use our votes like currency and bank them all with a candidate more likely to win, or something like that? Do we need to play the elections like a game?

I choose to deny my vote and show: politicians that none of them deserve it. I still think we should vote for candidates that we truly believe in and are passionate about and genuinely want to see win. Wouldn't that be voting with true integrity instead of voting out of obligation or routine.


  1. You have the right to criticize the government whether you vote or not.

    With that being said, I do think you should vote, if only to send in an empty ballot. :P But it's your choice.


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