0210C: Slow Start

Had a somewhat late start to the day considering the long weekend. Tobie and I had managed to get massages last night and that certainly added to the difficulty level of trying to wake up today. But eventually we got our butts in gear and made our way to work. He had the car and I took an Uber and lamented the inevitably surge rates that come with traveling during rush hour.

But it didn't take long to really get back into the groove of things and soon enough I was back at work with a lot of paperwork to go through. The start of the new month naturally means a lot of end-of-month activities along with start-of-month stuff. And I'm talking about everything from reports to budget calculations to receipts filing.

I probably need to hire an admin person soon, haha!

Now it's just me and Yoshi at the office since everyone went home earlier in an attempt to game the forever horrible chaos of Metro Manila traffic. I'm trying to get this blog post out of the way so that I can focus on cooking something for dinner when we eventually get home. Tobie should be here to pick us up any moment and from there we'll make our way to Cubao. And then the cycle starts again.

But we're happy. It's a tiring life but it's a good one. And we continually work together to find a way to balance things out and ultimately make things work.