02109: A Truly O Bar Birthday

Despite the madness of the INC rallies on EDSA and the resulting traffic, Tobie and I still went to O Bar last night as planned in order to celebrate my birthday. Interestingly enough, our Ryuutama gaming group showed up at the event to join in the fun along with a few valued bar friends who make our O Bar nights so much fun. It was a good night.

It was also a crazy night that had Tobie and me on-stage lip-syncing to the Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan duet, "Especially For You" in the first time I've ever "performed" on stage. Of course I was actually shouting out the lyrics instead of just lip syncing and I think I was singing Kylie's parts and not Jason's and it was all just crazy fun. Thank you Dee Dee Holliday for giving us the opportunity to embarrass ourselves on stage in front of a packed bar.

Later on Precious performed her rendition of Katy Perry's "Birthday" song and she got me on stage together with the poi dancers who had put in the effort to get me a birthday cake and a magazine with Zac Efron on the cover. Crazy I tell you. Throw in a lot of beer, tequila and J├Ągermeister and things were certainly crazy, crazy fun. Very good times indeed.

My O Bar Family is like, well, family. I love them and do my best to do right by them and nights like last night remind me that they love me, too. And this is not meant to disrespect my actual family in anyway - they showed me a grand time yesterday as well. But one has to appreciate the family structures we create for ourselves within the LGBT community. And our friends at O Bar are most special indeed.