02108: 3 Times 11

It's my birthday! I'm 33 years old! But meh, I don't really care how old I am apart from what the number makes me feel like. It's not about the age itself, but just the quirks of how a number breaks down into factors.

I've spent most of the day at work, which is not a bad thing. We've been having little celebrations all week and today was just about officially offering me a cake and oddly enough, an electric grill. But it's an awesome gift since it means we can do Singapore-style steam boat grill parties, assuming we find fun enough ingredients and appropriate dips and sauces.

But what's more important is the fact that we're going to celebrate my birthday at O Bar and hopefully friends will show up and we'll all have fun. But even if other friends don't show up, I know I'm going to have a good time because that's just how things are at O Bar for me and Tobie. We rarely regret going, and any regrets tend to be the result of external factors like work the next day or something.

Happy birthday to me.