02105: When You Choose A Brand

Today has been a rather long, tiring, but still fulfilling day. Given this, my brain is running a little low on creative juices, and so I'm just going to go all weird here.

It seems that we've settled on BioFresh as our default sock brand. It just sort of happened over the years and now I don't think about it at all whenever we need to add a few more pairs to our inventory. And I totally ignore all the other hopeful shop clerks trying to push their respective brands - I just go straight for the BioFresh rack, select the colors I need, and then I go on to the counter. Quick and efficient.

In recent years I only wear Wrangler jeans. There was no big reason I had opted for Wrangler initially - it was just the section of the department store that had been closest at the time. But now all my jeans are Wrangler since it makes it easier to figure out which pants are mine and which are Tobie's without looking at the waistline. And yes, Tobie doesn't own any pairs of Wranglers either.

We still mostly buy Bench underwear out of habit, but the declining quality of their products and their rather lackluster designs have me thinking we need to find a new underwear provider. And that's never easy since I hate testing new brands and needing to make new decisions.

Brand decisions are funny things. As much as you want to argue that people buy products based on a logical and intellectual assessment of the products many features and benefits, there will always be the emotional component to things. Sometimes it's instinct - some brands just feel right to you. Sometimes it's practically tradition - like how I continue to go out of my way to select Lorins brand patis but still go for Datu Puti soy sauce at the same time.

These are the little decisions we make time and time again for whatever reason. But this is what makes the marketing world all so exciting as you try to get into people's heads and see if you can't influence their decision-making to make your brand #1.

Good times.