02102: Breaking the O Bar Hiatus

Ever since I started work at Hashtag Labs, our schedule went through quite a change. And while I do feel quite energized at work, the shift has limited our chances of going to O Bar. During that period between my call center life and my current career, there was a fun window of being able to go out mid-week to enjoy the Thursday line-up at O Bar. But now that we have such early starts to our days, that's no longer an option.

The Friday holiday opened the doors to us going out on a Thursday again, and it was nice to be among our O Bar family once more. Sure, we got a lot of flak for now showing up for more than a month, but in the end the bar will always be a home of sorts. And there were quite a number of familiar faces to celebrate another fun night with us, which is always a good thing.

Despite having no immediate plans of going out last night, we ended up back at O Bar. Blame the O Divas for deciding to dedicate a performance set to Kylie Minogue - that's something that is always bound to drag us out of the Sietch. And to be fair, the numbers were amazing and it was totally worth going out for. Sure, I've had maybe 12+ shots of tequilla over the course of two days, but that's life for you. You just roll with the punches - or in this case the alcohol.

We're definitely, absolutely not going out tonight, but Tobie and I do want to make sure that we don't end up staying away from the bar as long as we did. Real life is stressful enough on its own, and what more without chances to relieve stress like when get to party with friends over possibly too many drinks and some very fabulous drag shows. And while our old Wednesday and Thursday jaunts are no longer feasible, I think we'll put a bit more effort into going out on more Friday nights.

And with my birthday coming up next week, we're definitely going to be at O Bar come Friday night.