02101: Spending Holiday

So up until a few hours ago, I was down to two active pairs of shoes. And active is a relative term since one of them already has a loose piece flapping out that really isn't appealing. So one of the big goals for today was me getting new shoes, possibly pants and a haircut for both of us. We managed to achieve all those goals and my credit card has seen way to much use today.

But to be fair, I rarely ever by things like this for myself. And whenever I have big toy-related credit card purchases, I realize that clothes would still be cheaper. And while I still value my Transformers way more than anything I wear, I can't deny that clothes are still important.

So I ended the day with 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of jeans and a new pot scrub brush (random!). Tobie bought a new metal shelving unit for the board games and we expect to get things setup by tomorrow, which actually sounds pretty exciting.

We had hoped to have time to watch Inside Out, but then we really didn't have enough time given we were expecting someone over for board games. And Dee Dee of the O Divas has shared that tonight they're performing Kylie numbers, so it looks like after the games, we're going to head out to O Bar. Crazy times.