0209C: More Games We Play

Zombie Swarm
Had an interesting game night last night and I'm generally glad with how things turned out. A former work colleague of Tobie's had requested a board game night, and he had brought a few other friends with him. I didn't realize it was going to become a 3 couple game night -  that was just a bonus of sorts.

Since we had a relatively new play group with us, we focused on what we consider to be more gateway games. Things started off with classics like Dixit and somewhat more competitive games like Machi Koro. Eventually we got into the print and play hack for Spyfall and finally a lengthy session of Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak together with the Blood in the Forest expansion. Given we have over 100 games in our collection, not all games see regular circulation. So it's nice to cylce in older games back into the mix of things.

We've met up today for a Ryuutama game, but we first played two rounds of Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game. As much as I love the Aliens-themed Legendary Encounters game a bit more, this system is definitely growing on me and I'm getting rather eager to pick up the other expansions in the series. Not sure if I want to get into the Villains version of the game as well, but for now that's something to wait for in the future.

So yeah, it's proving to be a pretty good gaming weekend.