0209B: Overdue Theater Day

It has been a while since Tobie and I had last gone out to see a play and the timing of 33 Variations managed to work with our gaming schedule to some extent. We still have a board game session set for tonight, but the afternoon was wide open, and so we made our way over. As much as I love theater, I guess there's just not too many shows that we're keen to seen, except truly novel creations like Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady.

I really enjoyed the play, I have to admit. It's rather well written and the interweaving narrative of past and present was structured in a very clever way. Really not liking Whitespace as a venue though - great air conditioning and the option to drink during the show is a little novel. But the continued use of uncomfortable monobloc chairs with the bare minimum space between seats plus a really bad speaker setup really didn't help things. Plus parking is ridiculously limited and the nearest option is rather expensive (P90 for 3 hours). Fortunately the play was good enough to rise above the challenges of the venue.

Yesterday after work, we were considering different things to do like having friends over for games, watching a movie or of course going to O Bar. But after the horrors of surviving Pay Day Friday traffic on EDSA, we ended up staying home watching Wayward Pines and playing computer games. I have to admit, it was nice to be on Star Trek Online again.

But game night waits! Need to focus.