02098: Relax, Don't Do It

Today has been a rather crazy work day. We had a big deadline today apart from all the usual fun stuff we had to get done but in the end we managed to pull through.

I've repeatedly talked about all the benefits of having Google Apps and the potential for collaboration in their various tools. But things haven't felt quite as real as when you have 5-7 people in a single presentation all working on different parts of the deck at the same time. The Google geek that I am was ecstatic seeing this while scrambling to come up with copy material for the deck itself. Plus we had conversations going on over on Slack to accompany the Google Slides comments and all the little changes happening all around.

Still had a number of other errands to do once the excitement of the submission was past. And some of those errands involved more phone calls and even getting out of the office to deliver some paperwork over to a nearby office. At least BGC is a nice place to walk around.

I'm pretty sure that I still have a good number of things on my to-do list to still think about before I can start looking forward to the weekend. But hey, in theory the worst is over? Or at least the worst for today. I temper my excitement since I know we have another deadline due Friday and thus I'll have to worry about getting that squared away tomorrow. Such fun.

As for Yoshi, he's too chill to worry about anything. He's just that kind of a dog.