02097: All Ahead Full

I couldn't think of a photo for this blog post, so here's a Romulan Bird-of-Prey (2152)
There's a lot going on this week and the team is pretty much busy with different components here and there as we try to make sure everything gets addressed. Apart from a lot of time at the computer writing, I've also spent a good amount of time on the phone either working with the team in Singapore or just addressing different vendors that we're entertaining at the moment.

I'm tired but I'm happy. But I'm also rather hungry. And today Tobie stayed at work a bit longer so he's still stuck in traffic trying to make his way here. I know he's pretty tired too, so I hope that's not too much of a problem.

Yoshi is doing okay and he's really enjoying his raw food this week since he's getting pork this time around. I thought fish was going to be his favorite meat of all, but clearly pork is winning out. Yay for Yoshi!

I kind of what to hit O Bar this Friday, but then I realize that I'm pretty tired after the work day. There's also the chance of gaming, but I wonder if we'll just end up falling asleep a few hours in. Plus we have other games to look forward to this weekend, so that's still something to factor in.