02093: Another Productive Week

Hello Friday, nice to see you! As much as this has been another exciting work week, it's a pleasure to see the weekend!

I like how the team has developed a pretty interesting working dynamic that his highly collaborative and feels very open. We don't tie ourselves to titles and roles and you can see how folks are more than willing to flex their brain muscles and come up with new solutions and ways to help. The challenge that I will always face as the leader on the ground is ensure that this sort of environment remains even as we scale up to add a few more folks to the team.

But now I'm just glad to be home. I squeezed in a bit more work on the way home but now I think I can finally rest. Whether or not I feel up to going out tonight is still up in the air since I do feel rather tired from the long day. Plus Yoshi is hard to ignore at this point.

But tomorrow...Transformers!