02091: Work Paradigm Shift

With the new job, I recognize that I feel like I'm involved in a lot more tasks and responsibilities, but my days don't necessarily feel heavy or overly stressful because of them. I guess that just reflects the sort of young company that we are where there's so much to do and not to many people available to do the work. But at the same time, everyone in the present team appears to be equally motivated and driven and willing to pitch in as they can.

I know I still have some lingering hangups from my corporate life, but at the same time I'm also feeling a lot more motivated in this highly creative environment. It doesn't make the commute between Cubao and BGC any less tiring, but at least I have the work itself to look forward to and to help me find a path forward. Just doing my best to keep everything in sight - it's easy for one task or another to slip through the cracks and make things that much more complicated. Ugh, no fun at all.

But today is First Wednesday, so I'll need to find a way to shift out of work mode, make our way back to Cubao and get the monthly grocery done. But at the same time, we may need to map out a plan that ensures Tobie isn't late for his early morning conference call, and there are a number of options I'm considering in this regard.

Decisions, decisions...