02090: Company on the Drive Home

It really love this photo. Yoshi really brings it all together. It's such a lovely almost perfect moment captured by a somewhat grainy mobile phone camera. Yay technology.

We're still making our way home right now. Despite efforts to wait out the traffic a bit at the office over a round of Marvel Legendary and a Jollibee dinner, EDSA is still a crawl.

But at least it's a crawl home with Tobie at the wheel and Yoshi in my lap. Sure, it would be better if we lived closer to work and didn't have to deal with this trudge home. But at least the three of us are together now as we make our way home. And that's all you need really - to be with your family; the warm fuzzy feeling of being with those you love.

So the traffic may be bad, but at least we're in a safe enough space together. And we'll get home soon enough.