0206D: Running Across the City

Photo Credit: Death to Stock the Photo
So I'm still in that gray area where I'm sort of work-at-home but my errands outside of the Sietch. As we get closer and closer to the office being in full operations, I find myself needing to run all the way to the BGC area for paperwork and other fun stuff and then back to the comfort of Cubao. And that's not an easy trip to make, especially given the beast that is Metro Manila traffic.

And now we're starting to extend job offers to people and now more than ever I wish we already had an industrial quality printer at home to get all of our documents printed out and all that fun stuff. These are the moments when you can't help but wish that you still had a big office with all the resources that comes with it. But hey, such luxuries will come along later on in life. For now, I just need to get this thing off the ground.

But to be fair, I'm really appreciating the fact that we have a relationship with vOffice. They've been really helpful in augmenting us in terms of more traditional office resources and some rather lovely meeting spaces as well. If only there was a vOffice location closer to home - for now their facilities are limited to Makati and BGC, which is great for work but not amazing for working from home. Well, you can't have everything.

Big things coming in the near future! Hashtag Labs, Inc. is really moving forward!