0206B: Meeting Friends

Photo Credit: Death to Stock Photo (This is not Manam)

After a rather busy time over the past few days, today was a most welcome day of rest. We got to meet up with good friends, had way too much good food, and ultimately had a good time. And as much as I have a gazillion things that I need to get done come Monday, today was about resting. The work could most definitely wait another 24 hours.

I will take a moment to talk about Manam Comfort Kitchen over at Greenbelt 3. The place gets super busy with good reason, Tobie and I don't eat out in Makati or Fort Bonifacio all that much (although that may change in the coming months), so we only really discovered Manam some months ago when another friend came home. So when we were looking for a place to have lunch with today's friend meet-up, Manam became the interesting option to explore.

Manam focuses on Filipino cuisine but they also offer quirky twists on classic recipes. I'm rather enjoying their efforts to shake things up a bit, even if things are a bit pricey. There's still enough value for money at the end of the day, and for us in particular the food left us waddling out quite satisfied.

I should try to do more food reviews, but man that's a completely different sphere of blogging for me. Or I could always squeeze that sort of stuff on this blog instead.

But I can't write much more beyond this - the game is interesting a critical scene and turns are coming by rather quickly.