02069: A Busy, Productive Weekend

Amid all of our work-related efforts over the past few days and quite a good number of interviews with quite a diverse range of applicants, the big news related to the US Supreme Court voting in favor of marriage equality for all 50 US states was pretty big news indeed. And yes, despite pretty much being on the other side of the world, the news made me feel very, very happy.

Today was also the Metro Manila Pride March, after the decision to hold it in June once more versus it's usual December date in recent years. Today's work activities and Tobie's family obligations didn't allow us time to participate in this particular march this year, but we'll see what the future brings. Plus there might be a QC LGBT Pride March in December, so that still provides for an alternative activity to participate in, schedules permitting.

Our Saturday night game had to be cancelled due to extraneous factors and so we're finally home relaxing. As busy as things have been over the past two days, we still have enough of the weekend to use to unwind and have some quality time together. We still have a few activities scheduled for tomorrow, but we'll do our best to balance things out well.

Despite the fatigue and the work-related stress, on the whole I feel like we made a lot of progress on multiple fronts. And that's definitely a good thing.