02068: Graduation Day

So my brother Mico had his college graduation ceremony today, which is still distinct from his university graduation ceremony on Sunday. It's been a while since I've been to one of these and so it was a rather interesting experience to go through. Of course I wish that I had had more sleep prior, but such is the challenge of real life.

More time lost to traffic today. More time spent handling interviews. More candidates of interest. More folks who just seem to be full of it. But that's all to be expected throughout this lengthy process.

Tobie is still busy with work as am I - this post is being composed in-between interview schedules. I'll end pretty late tonight and will have to be back here early in the morning for another full day of interviews. Yes, I've scheduled folks for a Saturday because that's just how things are.

But hey, things feel like they're all moving forward. And it all feels good.