02065: Virtual Traffic

So I've gotten through my first few city iterations in Cities: Skylines, and I've learned a lot. With each new city, I've come to uncover new things about how the game implements things. But at the same time, I find myself falling into classic city planning problems like how to get goods from industrial sectors over to commercial districts for sale and of course there's traffic.

Even back in the SimCity days, traffic was always one of my biggest problems. you see, I tend to build my cities in very careful grids where the roads all line up nicely and things look all neat and clean. But then the classic grid formation tends to be a bit of a traffic nightmare, and so that's never a good idea. And since the game only gradually unlocks various features as the game progresses, that means I haven't designed my early cities with the long game in mind.

And the level of control this game provides is insane. I get to design all bus routes and all metro subways. I have to figure out how to incorporate trains into this whole system or worse - cargo ships. There are so many diverse elements involved in trying to make this all work and it can get a little mad. And thinking about all those little problems has me wanting to create a new city from scratch just to see if I can't possible design things better next time.

So yeah, I'm enjoying this game a lot - so much so that I haven't logged into Star Trek Online in a while despite my recently acquired lifetime membership. I totally blame Tobie for all these gaming woes since he got me the game to begin with. Such a delightful tragedy.