02063: Slow Down Sunday

So last night's Pride Party at O Bar was crazy amazing. We got to have our picture taken with Manila Luzon and this included a few selfies. The performances by Manila together with the O Divas were just phenomenal. And I probably drank too much, but that's life. Good friends and high quality entertainment made for a great night indeed.

Today has been all about recovery. Cue coffee, a massage and Yoshi time.

But what really sucked up a lot of my day was really diving into Cities: Skylines. I've always been a decent enough fan of SimCity style games, but then admittedly I could never get my cities to scale all that well. I'd usually start running out of money and then I'd get frustrated and just kill the city with disasters. This game feels a lot more intuitive despite the many, many systems added to the game including garbage collection, managing public transportation, and ensuring sufficient police and fire coverage.

I haven't really gone broke and I've been largely good with my finances but I finally ran out of land and I wasn't too sure how to scale beyond this point. And that just leaves me feeling all the more challenged, so we'll see how things might go in the future. And now I really, really want to go back into the game and try another city.


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