0205F: Back Pain

So since yesterday I've been in pain because of a weird spot in my bag that has blossomed into life for no dicernable reason. I've never had muscular pain of this nature before, especially for my back. It's on the left side somewhere below my shoulder blade and to the left of my spine and as best as I can figure it's probably related to my sitting in front of a computer all day or my awkward twist to get water from the dispenser that just happens to be behind me. I've applied a hot compress a few times and have continued to hydrate in the hopes of relieving whatever tension has triggered it. I also tried an Alaxan FR capsule, but that just put me to sleep instead of relieving the pain outright. I guess that was still a better alternative maybe?

The pain has been pretty constant, but not quite as bad as when I woke up this morning. It's been quite the distraction at times, but I've barreled through things and have gotten most of my work done. I just wish that the pain in back wouldn't spasm every time I bend the wrong way or I breathe in too deeply.

Tobie and I are trying to figure out massage options for tonight to see if we can get someone to work on my back and relieve some of his own soreness as well. Let's see how things go.