0205C: So Many Board Games

I use BoardGameGeek to track our board game collection and more recently what games we actually play. Our collection includes 122 games as per BGG tracking, 46 of them classified as expansions. Long story short short, we have a LOT of games. What we have little of is time to actually play the games. And given our diverse interests in all forms of tabletop games including RPGs, we have to regularly cycle what games we play.

Today the Adrian and his daughter Gia are at the Siech today for a game day. We started out with the intention of playing a lighter RPG later in the day, but we've naturally become distracted by the joys of other board games. And today has become a good chance to dig up some older games that we certainly love but we just haven't had time to play.

Thus far we've played The Machine of Death, Takenoko, and now Tobie is teaching them the rules for Star Trek Catan. And Adrian is an old school Trekkie like I am, and so the TOS flavor of this Catan reskin is just perfect for us. And it has been a wonderful experience introducing both of them to all these different games. Well, we enjoy showing all our friends how these different games go. There is so much more to like than video games, and I say this despite having spending a fair amount of money on the Steam Summer Sale over the past few days.

I really ought to take more photos of our game sessions. And I think we could afford to play more games period. But we've also recently tried to revive the PS3 and the diversity of the games there. So much fun to be had!