02059: About Hiring People You Know

Since I've also shared the news of our open positions at Hashtag Interactive among my social networks, I've started to get inquiries from former co-workers from my time at VXI and from people I went to school with. I suppose it's only natural - there are times when people are more than willing to leverage personal networks to help find a new job. I don't mind the invitations for coffee to "catch up" and look for "possible synergies" between our companies, that's all fair play of course. But when it comes to really considering whether or not to hire people I already know, things get a little weird.

This is not a question of favoritism, nepotism or similar forms of cronyism. I don't think I'll have a problem remaining objective regarding hiring people with him I have prior knowledge or might even consider to be friends. I don't even think that I'll need to excuse myself from voting for a candidate or making any such decisions. I think my bigger concern friends dealing with my work side, which admittedly is different from how I relate to people on a more personal level. And I know I have a history of being a bit more aloof or even cold when it comes to work.

Then again, the environment at Hashtag Interactive is pretty different from VXI as the latter was definitely a more formal corporate environment. This new company is obviously younger and in that regard the culture that the team is trying to create is definitely one that's a lot more dynamic, highly supportive of innovation and a heck of a lot of fun. And maybe my work persona here will be pretty different from how I've been given my 12 years at VXI.

Only time will tell.