02058: Resume Observations

So I've been going over a lot of resumes over the past few weeks as part of the usual efforts to get a new company off the ground. And as I read resume after resume, I've come to notice a few things that seem to jump out at me as potential trends. I don't have definitive numbers to come to a more statistically accurate conclusions or anything like that. And thus I share these on my personal blog instead of writing some formal paper about this or anything silly like that.

So here's what I've observed, in no particular order:
01) Majority of the candidates whose resumes I've screened have Globe numbers - many of them probably post paid lines since they follow the classic 0917 format.
02) A lot of folks from various DLSU units (including Benilde, Dasmarinas, Lipa, etc) seem to be pretty keen on trying out for Marketing jobs
03) Majority of the resumes that I've processed provided Gmail addresses as their primary email addresses
04) Some of the most creative resumes I've encountered tend to be from Multimedia Arts graduates from the College of St. Benilde.
05) I hardly see applicants from ADMU or UP Diliman. I guess they're not interested in the job positions we have open?
06) No matter how long the resumes get, most folks still prefer not to include character references for some reason.
07) Job Objectives remain to be as generic and pointless as ever. Why is this still a thing?
08) There are actually resumes with no contact information. Thankfully they included their details in their Jobstreet profile.
09) How are folks able to apply for creative roles like graphic designers and not have some sort of a portfolio?
10) I really hate Wix as a platform. People need to get away from that monstrosity!