02057: Home Office Time

So as far as June as concerned, this is the setup period for our new company, Hashtag Labs, Inc., which is the reason I finally left VXI after 12 years of night shift work. We have an accountant who is busy with the legwork of the business registration stuff while I'm working on process documents and lot of Recruitment-related work. We have a total of 6 postings on JobStreet now and I have to get cracking on processing more resumes and scheduling interviews.

A lot of people like to take breaks between jobs, and this telecommuting-style arrangement is probably the closest I'll get to a vacation. This is not to say that I was forced into this or anything silly like that. I just don't think I'd handle not working for an extended period of time. I'd start getting distracted thinking about the bills we need to pay and of course it will also mean that I won't be able to purchase new Transformers during this period of doubt and near-obsession.

But man, it can be pretty tempting to let other standards slide since one is just working at home. Today I was surprised at how much random facial hair growth I had and I only really thought about this as Tobie was headed home from work. I eventually got around to taking a shower and shaving a bit, but these are things that one tends to forget when just sitting in front of a computer at home.

But I did get some work done and I also got some chores done, so that makes me happy overall. There's still a lot to do and I'll eventually get around to it given time.