0204F: Productive at Home

Today marks the first day of my terminal leave and thus it really sinks in that I'm no longer a fully active employee of VXI. A few office mates had been asking me if I was going to take a break or anything like that, but of course that is not the case. Everything had been carefully scheduled out in order to ensure that I could focus on my new work responsibilities instead of my old ones.

So my day started with a little catch-up work given delayed email responses and the challenges of it being a holiday over in Singapore. I squeezed in time for chores like conquering the weekend dishes and cleaning Yoshi's cage and the surrounding area. And of course I made time to vacuum the Sietch and spend some quality time with Yoshi.

Most of my afternoon has been spent on the phone and I don't want to consider what my phone bill will look like next month. But hey, these are calls that have to be made and I'm the man on the ground who gets to do them. I quickly developed a rapid fire interview script of sorts, but I still made sure to tailor a few questions based on their actual resumes. It has been a rather colorful afternoon.

My one moment of joy was taking the time to open up the new mop I had purchased some time ago. It's a lovely little thing with a "dual core" design that allows you to soak and spin dry the mop with ease. I totally want to spend some time mopping tomorrow! And yes, I am totally enthusiastic about this!

I hope to find time to unbox some Transformers as well, but hey work comes first. But I do think I deserve a reward - it has been a pretty good day today.