0204E: Facing the Dragon

So today I finally gave my talk, "You Always Play Your Truest Self" as part of the May Gaming Seminar. I can't remember the last time I formally spoke in front of a group of people apart from those few instances when I got yanked up on stage at O Bar to talk about my love for the bar. This was closer to my old life as a trainer given the fact that I invested time in preparing an actual presentation for the event.

I was primarily worried that my player perspective talk would be dismissed as something shallow or too niche to some extent. After all, most of the audience were Game Masters who are used to running games. My talk was all about a behavioral pattern that I have observed time and time again across different games and even groups. And so it felt like something interesting to share.

It did seem like general reception was positive and I'm glad that a good number of participants seemed to relate to what I had to say on some level. There were a lot of interesting insights from different members of the audience, although it did help they were mostly people I actually know and consider to be friends.

But to be fair, I have missed public speaking. It has been quite a number of years since I last ran anything like a training class or a seminar and it's something that I'd enjoy doing again. It's just a question of figuring out the next opportunity to do so and of course figuring out what I want to talk about next.