0204B: Before the Big Finale

So the work week is almost over, and thus my active stay at VXI is coming to an end as well. Yes, for those of you who only pretend to read my blog, I've actually filed my resignation some time back and this week is my last week in the office. I still have to finish up my terminal leave well into June, but for the most part this represents the end of the chapter in my career with VXI.

That makes today my penultimate day at the office and a good an excuse as any to use the word "penultimate". And the added fact that my last month at work also involved a weird schedule shift as a compromise of sorts means that I've already been in a largely empty office away from most of my peers.

And that makes me wonder how I really want to go about this. I could just silently step away and not make much of a fuss. After all, I've already made my decision some time back and I've done my best to prepare transition materials for those who will follow me. Plus I don't want to make too much of a scene or create excessive drama or anything like that.

But then I've also been working here for nearly 12 years. As much as a lot of people have moved on to other roles and other companies, there are still a good number of folks who have stuck around and those who have really made an impact on my life. And my immediate team is pretty important to me and I already feel bad enough for leaving everyone at such a critical time in the company's history.

I think I'm just rambling at this point. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'll probably write one of those weird thank you emails sent to a bunch of folks via BCC emails and call it a day.