0204A: Disconnected

So I was surprised to find that internet had been down at the office since last night. That's a crazy long period of time for a BPO to be without access to the general internet and it's a bit concerning that it took the vendor so long before fixing things. It wasn't until dusk that full internet was restored and the rest of us could get back to work properly.

It's hard to imagine work without the internet these days. Beyond the general access to all the information that the world wide web has to offer, there are so many web-based tools that are part of our daily routines. And while I managed to remain productive by working on various offline documents that are a part of my transition efforts, it was still rather annoying not have access to all the internet indulgences that make the work day go by more efficiently.

And I'm a Google-hound, so not having access to various Google Apps was kind of maddening. Trying to work off my phone for those key internet-based solutions didn't work out too well and I suppose I need to get around to finally updating my SIM to open the doors to LTE capabilities. 4G is decent enough for average browsing, but most Google Apps start to bug out while on the slower connection.

I think it's for similar reasons that I'm not a big fan of traveling off to far-flung beaches and those pristine, virginal locations that are so popular among backpackers. Life without regular access to internet (and indoor plumbing!) is hard to ponder. And so we stick to more urban locations like Singapore, Singapore and Singapore. We should probably try out Hong Kong sometime, but Singapore means my sister and her dogs and that wins out every time.