02044: Settling Into a Schedule

So I've been juggling a lot this week, and I'm kind of getting tired of saying that. This has practically become my mantra in recent months given all that needs to get done at home and at work - and work refers to both jobs I'm involved in given my on-going transition efforts. So much to do, so little time. Even the weekends feel a little busy, but admittedly that may have more to do with my own desire to get a lot of extracurricular type stuff done versus just catching up on sleep.

And believe me, we could always do with a bit more sleep in this life.

But on the whole, the shift to daytime-ish work scheduling has been pretty great for me. I sleep a lot better now (and certainly longer than before) and I feel more alert when at work. I feel like I'm generally getting more things done, but that may be more of a general impression than anything else.

And it does make for less crazy weekends schedule-wise since I don't have to do quite as much juggling and cartwheeling just to make time for friends. And gaming is such a social activity, so that naturally needs a lot of coordination and timing to get all your players together. Facebook and Google calendar help a lot in this regard, but there's too much of a human factor that gets into the mix of things that can really complicate things when you least expect it. At least now we're not also competing with the eternal question of "when is Rocky going to get some sleep?"

I just need to keep focused and not lose sight of my goals and my obligations. I just need to keep moving forward.