02043: Chores

There's a lot that needs to get done in order to keep the Sietch running. This is all the more true given that we have Yoshi, so it's both the challenges of maintaining a home and caring for a pet. And this is a little guy who can be pretty fussy about how he's treated, which only endears him to us more. It's a lot of work to do, but there's always a good reason to get things done.

Not that we're doing a stellar job of it. I know my Transformers are in terribly need of more regular dusting and such and there are parts of the Sietch that could certainly benefit from more than just a once over with a damp rag. But there are only so many hours in a day and there's a gazillion things that we want to do as well, so cleaning is limited to short bursts when we have the time amid other regular chores like cooking meals, picking up after Yoshi and the like.

We don't have "professional" help just yet and we've been getting by for the past few years in this manner. I know Tobie is tempted to hire someone to go over the Sietch from top to bottom once every so often, but we've yet to get around to that. Plus when I think about how much it might cost, I start to feel really guilty and so I try to clean something. There has to be a better way, right?

But we're such a dusty country and even way up on the 14th floor of our condo the Sietch doesn't seem to have any challenges getting dirty again within a few days of us wiping down anything.

I really want to get all of our books covered, but I can't seem to squeeze it into my schedule either. There are more Transformers that need to get dusted and rotated into storage. And I think we need to bring Yoshi to the vet since he's late for a deworming session. Bad owners!

But we try our best.