02042: The Generosity of Players

To say that Tobie and I have a lot of games is quite the understatement. We have a crazy amount of board games at home! Looking at the current status of our shared BoardGameGeek account, we have about 120 games, a third of which are expansions. And that doesn't factor in the various RPG reference materials that also litter the Sietch. So yeah, gaming is a pretty big thing for us.

The games require a fair amount of space and a greater investment in reading and appreciation to get into them all. Thankfully Tobie has a brain pretty much hard-wired for games and he is able to digest new systems pretty quickly over and over again. Beyond that, Tobie is amazing an teach others how to play these games, even if he can get a little cranky when people don't precisely follow the rules.

But the games are an investment that pay back in terms of fun nights, great times and even new friends. Our gaming table can only accommodate so many people, but we do our best to extend invitations to new folks whenever we can in order to share our love for these crazy, crazy games. Sure, it eats up most of our weekends, but then what better way to spend your free time than in the company of friends while trying to defeat some monster or seize control of a city?

And every now and then the players also try to show their appreciate in their own small ways such as bringing food for the game night, sharing a game that they bought in order for the group to take a stab at things or more recently with the gift of some pretty awesome chairs. We've been constantly searching for better chairs for the Sietch for some time now in order to better support our players versus the increasingly flimsy plastic chairs that we've had for years. Given how slippery our floors are and how frail those chairs can be without sufficient traction, it's been a struggle. So it was amazingly nice when some of our gamers surprised us with 4 new chairs of rather impressive sturdiness.

And so the games continue and our gaming calendar gets booked a month ahead of time. The only questions left are when are we going to find ourselves a bigger house and will that require a larger gaming table as well?