0203F: An Expensive Geeky Saturday

So we have mapped out that today would be a good opportunity to check out this year's NexCon convention, especially since (1) our afternoon was free and (2) my new schedule also means that I'm actually awake during the day. With only a late evening game planned, things were looking pretty good for us.

The only hiccup was the last-minute need to swing by Greenhills to meet up with some Transformers friends to secure Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus. I've been eagerly awaiting this figure since it's pretty much a representation of the current comic book version of the character complete with the tiny Minimus Ambus figure who is actually piloting the Magnus armor. It's a long story to get into right now, but needless to say this toy is a must-have for fans of the comic.

I haven't had time to open him up since our game night has already started, but I'll get around to him soon enough.

NexCon itself was a lovely litte event and part of a continued effort to create something truly special for the local geek community. Most "conventions" around here are mostly marketplaces for generally geeky products and not much else. This convention tries its best to emulate what we see in other countries, hence the introduction of actual panels featuring key speakers in the know.

And as is our way with things, we also made sure to secure some orders for additional board games to add to our collection. We now have copies of Shadowrun: Crossfire, along with the Character Expansion Pack 1, Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, and Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion to add to the mix of things.

In the middle of all this geekery, Tobie and I also decided to explore the food options at SM Aura given how it does seem to target the higher segment of the consumer market. We ended up trying out the food at Ogetsu Hime, a lovely Japanese restaurant that also offered discounts for certain items. The meal was AMAZING despite our seemingly simple order of sashimi, sukiyaki and rolls. It was certainly more than just a little pricey, but it was certainly delicious and worth the money.

The special lunch also became a good way to celebrate the fact that by tomorrow Tobie and I will have been together for 2.5 years! Hooray for more geekery!

Needless to say Tobie was quite the happy campy given the delicious meal.