02039: Meet...Kindling!

So last year I finally got myself a Kindle Paperwhite, but since I'm a cheapskate I had it shipped to Tobie's brother in the US and waited to have a relative bring it over. As much as I'm rather enamored with the Kindle Voyage, I know it's too expensive to jump at for now, so the Paperwhite really ended up being the better choice. And with my aging Kindle 3 slowly dying on me, I've been dying to get my hands on my new Kindle.

So that finally happened today and I'm pretty ecstatic about the whole deal. Given I've largely stopped using my Kindle 3 in favor of the Kindle app on my phone, I miss the comfort of having an actual book-size device and the benefits of the Paperwhite have really getting me excited. And now it's here and I've managed to get things setup pretty quickly.

I didn't name the first Kindle anything original, but my replacement Kindle 3 became ReKindle - see what I did there? And Kindle names only really matter when (1) you're too heavily invested in the Kindle experience across multiple devices, and (2) you get confused when sending books to the right device. So thanks to our Sunday gaming group I now have a name for the new device - Kindling! Because it's a smaller Kindle! Isn't that so clever? Thanks, Rachel!