02036: Sayote Surprise

So we're pretty regular Shopwise shoppers, and you guys would know that if you read this blog regularly or follow any of my social feeds. I've designed our budget and our grocery patterns around the Shopwise points system and it has been a pretty rewarding experience thus far. But despite the many, many, many prize raffles, we've ever actually won anything.

What we do win are the weird silly things from weekly promos. In the past we've gone home with free one-ply tissue paper or weird little tumblers that we'll probably never use. And this month's unusual prize was...one kilo of sayote.

Now I'm not against sayote or vegetables in general - it's just not an ingredient that I've worked with extensively beyond chicken tinola. But since we were in the mood to change up our cooking habits by buying a lot less meat and a lot more chicken and fish (primarily cream dory) and trying to get more vegetables at the same time, I guess this was a sign of sorts to see what I could do with it.

When you search for sayote recipes online, you primarily end up with ginisang sayote as the majority result. I guess it's the easiest dish to do. I wanted to find something a bit more exotic, but then for a first venture outside of tinola, I suppose this was okay too. I added a bit more of my "cooking style" to it including more spices and other fun stuff and the end result seems promising. I just wonder how Tobie will react when he sits down to eat.

It's probably not the healthiest meal to start the day with, but at least it beats fast food, right?