02035: Slightly Healthier Options

So we've recently switched back to brown rice instead of white as a modest effort to eat a little healthier. It's no replacement for more significant changes to our diet or a regular exercise routine, but it's a step in the right direction at least. And this time around we're sticking to actual brown rice instead of the hybrid variant we used to use before which cost significantly more. For as long as we follow the proper cooking instructions (including the additional pre-soaking period), then things should work out for the best. The rice doesn't taste all that different from white rice provided you use enough water. But it's certainly filling - and that should help things along.

Also switching back to wheat bread instead of white. I love white a bit too much, so much so that it's easy to snack on slice after slice even without jam or some other spread on it. So again erring on the side of prudence, we're sticking to whole wheat for now to slow down that beast and yet still provide an easy meal option when we don't have time to cook.

With my projected shift to something more akin to the dayshift rather soon, I'm looking forward to other opportunities to develop a healthier routine. And most important is how this should result in more time together with Tobie, which is really the big goal here.