02032: The End of Broken Age

It has been a pretty good weekend. We played End of the World yesterday along with a few board games. We watched the amazingly hilarious Run for Your Wife today. And I also finally finished Broken Age.

Once again, I'm still trying to process how I feel about the game now that I've finally gotten all the way to the end. Sure, it feels a little short, but that's only because I think we all wish for the gaming experience to go on for as long as possible when you're really enjoying it.

It's a brilliant game both in terms of it story and the intricacies of its puzzles.Sure, a lot of Act 1 felt like a somewhat extended tutorial to help non-adventure game folks to get into the groove. But then Act 2 really kicked things up a few notches with a lot of the puzzles relying on your knowledge of Act 1 or your flexibility in looking for solutions for one character in the world of the other. It's quite the interesting parallel thinking mode that really helped the game feel unique.

I'll have a full review up in a week or so - I have a lot to think about. Plus I plan on re-playing the game a few times in order to get all the achievements. And yes, I'm totally willing to play this game a few times over.

And I really want a Hexipal. Or a Yarn Pal.