02030: The Half-Holiday

It's Labor Day here in the Philippines and thankfully Tobie doesn't have work. Unfortunately I do, so in truth it's really just another Friday for me. I had hoped to take today off, but I promised to fill in for a colleague who was going on vacation and we have a number of deadlines that need to be resolved tonight.

But Tobie juggled things around such that he has scheduled an RPG session here in the early afternoon in the hopes that I can join. Sure, I'll pay for this at work later, but it's definitely a nice offer. And I really miss playing Lacuna, so a dive into the Blue City would be a more welcome stress-reliever. And as long as I get to sleep by around 5 or 6, I should still be functional for work later tonight.

But before the game, we need to make a quick run to Shopwise to buy new chairs. The ones we have at the Sietch are really wearing down and we need to get a few new ones. I'd really like to find truly sturdy wooden ones that should last us much longer, but for now we'll have to content ourselves with your classic monobloc chairs. And since I have like P8000 worth of points on the Shopwise card, it seems best to just get the chairs there so we don't have to spend more. Plus I want one of those thunder mops that have the bucket attachment that allows you to spin dry your mop. That seems like a pretty useful feature.

So for now I just need to stay awake and pretend I'm on holiday as well. This will last until I finally succumb to the need to sleep and then it's back to the regular work schedule for me.