0202E: Secret Readers

So out of the blue I get a message from my ex since he wanted to share that someone had contacted him on Grindr who claimed he used to read my older blog on LiveJournal. How this kid thought that it would make for an amazing pick-up line to bring up the blogging habits of a guy's ex is a little beyond me, but it did make for a funny little anecdote for the day. But apparently he even followed along when I transferred over here to Blogger but eventually stopped reading since things had gotten too geeky or something.

I've never really considered my personal blog - whether here or previously on LiveJournal - to be all that popular. Sure I had a few friends in the LJ days that I'd interact with regularly, but for the most part I didn't get too many strangers leaving comments on the blog. That's even more true now since hardly anyone leaves comments anymore in this social media age that we live in. Who bothers with reading blogs anymore when you can just scrape off insights from social media status updates and the like, right? The few comments I do get tend to end up on the various social networks where I broadcast links to my blog posts on a regular basis.

But to be fair, every now and then I encounter friends and even complete strangers who supposedly read my blog. It's kind of flattering, but also a little creepy since it's not like they've ever left any indication that they've been reading along in the form of comments or even a direct message via chat or something to share their thoughts on what I had written. In many ways, it feels like I write this blog pretty much for myself since I don't really feel like anyone reads what I have to say. And that's just how to goes - blogging is a mostly thankless activity unless you go all "pro blogger" and ultra-monetize your site to death. And I continue to hold that this isn't something that I want for my blogs since they stop being fun that way.

So I guess I'll never really know who actually reads these blogs apart from a few friends who make random references to it. Yet another of life's silly little mysteries.