0202C: Clean-Up Day

Mondays are always tricky because of my current call center schedule since enjoying the weekends to the fullest typically disrupts my work week sleeping schedule. And since Tobie's early Monday morning meeting has reduced our chances for going to O Bar, we end up staying in and sleeping the night through.

Case in point, I woke up first thing today just in time to wake up Tobie for work. But that also meant that I was awake starting 07:00am and that left a full day ahead of me - a good chunk of which that normally should have been spent sleeping. But given I was already awake, it seemed like such a waste not to do something productive.

So that led me back to doing chores instead. I gave Yoshi a bath and washed the rags. I finally got around to cleaning and reorganizing some of the Transformers shelves in order to make space for the newer Combiner Wars figures to start. I did a lot of vacuuming and dredged up like a whole dog's worth of fur from behind the TV and under the couch. I got more dishes cleaned up, too.

To cap things off, I sort of rewarded myself by finally opening up Takara Masterpiece Transformers Ultra Magnus. And he is pretty awesome. I also made sure to get through all of the Intruders TV series just so that I can finally write a review about it. It was a weird TV series and I don't think it's worth a second season.