02028: The Crunch

Change is never an easy process. It's often messy and painful and of course you need to spend a lot of energy as well. Just look at the process of metamorphosis for butterflies - that cannot be an easy breezy process by any means. Just look at the first bud emerging from a hard seed pod - the seed had to first crack open and break. Look at animals hatching from egg - all wet and gooey with bits of shell in random places. There's a lot that needs to happen when you start something new or enter a different phase of things.

I'm definitely feeling the crunch right now since there has been a lot going on across multiple fronts for the past few months. This month feels particularly stressful and I know next month won't be any easier. I'm still alive and Tobie is being tremendously patient and supportive of me and my efforts throughout all this. This sounds corny or maybe even ironic (because of my name, duh), but Tobie has been my rock through this period. And I know I'll come out the other side all the better for it.

But in the short term I need to step on a few toes and be prepared to hurt people's feelings. Or at the very least, I'll end up making people feel sad about the changes that lie ahead and the roles we're all going to have to play.