02026: Hitting a Code Wall

I'd like to think that my "Google-fu" is more than decent - I'd humbly venture no further than calling my skills "advanced" in this regard. And so I generally feel like I have a good chance of finding what I need given enough time in front of a computer. It's not exactly the image of 90's era hacking like in the movies, but the end feeling seems similar to a triumphant hack in the older movies.

But recently I feel like I've been repeatedly coming against a wall in terms of my searches. I try keyword after keyword and I play around with the phrases and I tinker with exact string searches and yet I still draw a blank in the end. And given that I follow-up these searches with email inquiries and phone calls, the lack of results only makes me more annoyed at myself. I did mention before that I hate not winning or feeling like I accomplished my goal. And it's really bugging me.

And it feels like I've been looking for so long and I have nothing substantial to show for it. Why are you failing me internet? Or are we just that backwards that what I need will need to be discovered on foot or something silly like that.. I just need to keep changing my tactics I guess. Or I need to cast out a wider net.

I'm not giving up. But then everyone needs to vent a little sooner or later. And right now, I think I need to step away from the computer for a good while.