02020: A Question of Timing

A lot has been said about the value of timing, that need to wait for the absolutely perfect moment before taking action. Wars have been won and lost all because of strategic timing and the lack thereof. And it's never easy to figure out when that moment is supposed to be.

Take coming out as an example. A lot of gay friends still in the closet continually talk about waiting for the "right moment" to tell their family about themselves. And I think the only description for that supposed "right moment" is that it's not right now. And thus it's a decision that gets delayed indefinitely until other circumstances come into play.

Maybe the fabled perfect moment doesn't even exist. There is no perfect way to do any one thing and we just do our best and hope things work out in the end. Life is about rolling with the punches and adapting to change and just making the most of the hand of cards that we are dealt with. Or at least that's how it often feels to me.

Every decision comes with consequences. Some people will win and some people will lose as a result of that decision. That's all part of the process and thus things are never truly easy, but we learn to cope with the results more and more with time. We generally get better at it, but then there will still be those moments that really floor you.

Despite all that, I still hope my timing is right. It's the best that I can do, given the circumstances.