0201B: Transitions

So we're going of going through a period of significant changes on multiple fronts. It's a lot to handle and admittedly I'm feeling a little tired juggling everything, but at least things are still generally stable. Yoshi could probably benefit from more frequent bathing and while the Sietch appears decent a lot of chores are getting neglected. But once I get past the next few months, things should stabilize a bit. At least those are my current projections. The future is always in motion and all that Jedi jazz.

I wish I could squeeze in more time for Star Trek Online, but during the work week it's next to impossible. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the Delta Recruitment events including things like bonus experience and such, but I can only do so much. Our weekend schedule is also rather busy, but I think I should be able to find some time to revisit my various officers for a few quick missions.

Change is never easy. It can often be messy and painful and even quite complicated. But hey, we make the most of things as they come along and we just try to hope for the best. As long as we put in the needed work and we do our part, then the rest is up to chance, to some extent, and we just see how the dice fall.

Plus I miss O Bar.


  1. Change can be terrifying to go through alone. Hopefully you feel a bit more confident knowing my hand is in yours.

    1. I can face anything with you by my side, love.


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