02017: Reviewing Analytics

So part of the reasons why I created The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything was to get a chance to experiment with more Google tools. I've been a Google fan for quite a while now and I was rather eager to explore this side of the business beyond their consumer products.

Google Analytics has long been a fascinating part of the overall equation but not one that I've really invested enough time in, I feel. It's an amazing free service that provides smaller users with what is essentially enterprise-quality data analytics at no cost. Sure, you can argue that this helps Google more since it means users voluntarily providing website behavioral data to them directly. But I think the trade-off isn't too bad.

But then my use of Analytics has largely been sort of a hobby on the side and over the years they've continued to tweak and improve the service to a point when, well, it's like a completely different animal now. I logged in again today and was rather overwhelmed with all the data that it appears to be collecting and the many different reports and views they're offering users. And it seems like such a waste that I don't know how to make the most of it, especially as a website owner, even if they're just blogs.

So new goal for myself involves studying Google Analytics more in order to come to a better understanding of all the data available to me and to find a way to improve my own website traffic in a meaningful manner.

Plus I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun.