02014: A Glimpse of the Future

Ganked from Etsy
So yesterday I sat down for a formal fortune telling session with sort of the "official" family tarot guy. Seriously, he's done readings for most of us and it's been quite a while coming that I finally sit down with him. Before this I've had a few friends try to read for me here and there, but typically in more informal settings like parties and even online. I'm not a big believer in things of this nature since I try to be a logical man of science. But at the same time I've gone through some pretty notable moments in my history that have me respecting that there's a bit more to life than what we see on the surface.

So we talked for a good two hours and I have to admit that he's really good. He managed to get very specific about certain things in my life, including describing key people I'm dealing with these days to a degree that seems almost unreal. Of course we have to take any such "revelations" with a fair amount of skepticism, but it's hard to completely ignore the potential truth in what he had to say. If anything, the exercise probably just helped me come to a few decisions - at times we all need to hear things we already know from someone else in order to come to a final decision.

So what's next? Well I still have a lot of concerns to work through in the coming months - it doesn't take a fortune teller to tell me that much. But I think I have a decent enough plan for moving forward and things should work out for the most part. I have a really good feeling about all this.