02011: Telecommunications Augmentation

So clearly I've grown up in the call center industry and I'm not a stranger to long hours in front of a computer with a phone buzzing in my ear. If anything, I've also gotten used to only have one ear preoccupied with phone calls with the other still free to hear feedback from other members of the team and that sort of thing. It's a weird practice to be oriented in, but one that happens a lot in the call center world.

With the improvements to our internet connection ever since we switched from Bayantel over to PLDT, gaming is a lot better and video calls has also improved. And given my regular web-based calls to my sister in Singapore, there's that already conditioned expectation of having a mono-aural audio solution. Currently I just use a pair of headphones that I received as a gift for review purposes and it serves its purpose well enough. But then I find myself wanting a more versatile solution.

I've had a few social media posts about looking for a Bluetooth headset and I already have a few leads for units to acquire. The call center junkie in me has gravitated towards the Plantronics units, but sadly this is not a brand you typically see in retail. Jabra seems to dominate the local market while Jawbone really only has one signature model that only the higher-end stores stock.

A former boss of mine has actually offered a great unit - the Plantronics Voyager Legend, and I'm excited to close the deal. So yeah, this means I'm eager to pretty much feel like a call center agent while at home and while at the office. Oh me and my priorities.