0200A: Flowchart Musings

Credit: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

There's something about process engineering that gets me all excited. I guess my work experience has led to a fair amount of process flowchart design and now it's something that I do decently well. More than just simply following the symbols, there's a certain aesthetic sense to the design of the chart as a whole and the need to break things down into discrete elements / process steps.

But more than just documenting existing processes, it's even more interesting to come up with completely new processes of your own and figuring things out from there. And when you create the processes from the very beginning, the need to get things documented from day one is also important. I just haven't been at this point in the process development experience very often - more often than not I'm called in to document existing processes and figuring out how to translate what everyone says into a visual map that makes sense.

Then there's the need to keep things updated on an ongoing basis every time you make changes to your processes and that sort of document version control step is often overlooked even in big companies. In a smaller team setup, you need to really think about how you're going to manage things and make sure to cover all ground effectively.

I nerd out about the strangest things at times.