02009: Digging Trenches

The internet is filled with a wide variety of productivity tools, tips and whatnot as part of the never ending pressure to get more done. Life is seemingly a lot more "fast-paced" before and there's a greater emphasis on speed and efficiency more than ever before. The internet age has also celebrated the term "lifehack" - as if the world needs more shortcuts for any variety of tasks that are already fairly efficient. We hope to "multi-task" and again get more done, even though our brains can only really focus on one task at a time.

And the need for greater organization, more focus on tasks and efficient work flows go beyond just the office. The internet dictates that we need any number of tips and tricks to manage our lives outside of the workplace. Every household chore can be further optimized somehow by a gadget or a strategy or a series of colored sticky notes. Different techniques work for different people. And hundreds of thousands of new lifehacks are created with each passing day, many actually serving to complicate things further while they attempt to make things go down more quickly.

I think I need to leverage a few more of those idea moving forward - I'm at a particularly busy point in my life and dropping the ball is never acceptable to me. I always want to do my best in any task given to me. Here's to hoping things go well.