02007: Friday Afternoon Woolgathering

It's Friday afternoon and my brain isn't in a great state for writing. I kind of just want to shut down and close my eyes and hopefully wake up in the weekend. But of course there's still one more work shift to worry about and so I still need to trudge along further.

I haven't played much Star Trek Online this week. I generally don't have as much time to play during the work week at all these days. It's ironic since part of the reason we finally pulled the trigger on switching ISPs was so I could sneak in some STO time mid-week. But life hasn't been all that friendly to me on that front just yet. It'll pass in time, of course, since it's only work. But getting from here to there is still quite the crawl at times. The future just can't come fast enough.

Maybe I just need to focus a bit more and bring my proverbial "house" into order first. Maybe I need to determine a more organized approach forward. Maybe I just need to take a few more risks.